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Enjoy Cooking with Baby Swiss cheese

Many steps are altered during the cheese making process to make baby Swiss cheese. To obtain that exquisite, buttery rich flavor, whole milk is used to make the cheese. In order to slow down the bacterial digestion process, water is used to cut the milk. As compared to traditional Swiss cheese, baby Swiss cheese is aged for a shorter period of time to create the more mild flavor. Continue reading

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History of Swiss Cheese

If you wish to purchase this mild tasting cheese with holes in Europe, you must ask for Emmental cheese. Swiss just refers to the origin and is not its name. Continue reading

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Amish Country Swiss Cheese Pie

Here is a wonderful recipe with Amish Country Swiss Cheese as the principle element   While there are many cheeses on the market that fall under the broad title of “Swiss Cheese”, including almost anything with holes at your local grocery … Continue reading

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The Art of Cheesemaking

Here is a video demonstrating the difference in the Amish Cheesemaking process.  Video footage courtesy of one of our principal local cheese suppliers, Guggisberg Cheese. Here are links to the cheeses described in this video: Swiss Cheese Baby Swiss Cheese … Continue reading

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Swiss Cheese or “Swiss” Cheese?

So how can we enjoy good Swiss cheese without spending an arm and a leg? We buy it from a “cheese artist”, rather than a “cheese business.” Continue reading

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