Chocolate Creations Part Three: Chocolate Butter

If you’re looking for something different for dessert, this is definitely the way to go! Served at room temperature with your favorite bread, you can pass the chocolate butter around and let everyone spread their own chocolate on their toast.


There is so much you can do with this delicious recipe, be it spreading it on your children’s sandwiches for lunch, or passing it around at dinner parties, the possibilities are endless and delicious!


Makes: 1/2 cup

What You Need:

1/2 cup fine chocolate from Shisler’s Cheese House, melted

1/2 cup unsalted butter, room temperature

Sea salt

1 tbsp. cocoa powder

What To Do:

Firstly, beat the butter until a smooth consistency, then add the melted chocolate, cocoa powder and a pinch of salt. Mix thoroughly with a mixer until it is well incorporated and smooth in texture.

Serve at room temperature.

It is that easy and all the more delicious.

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