Rest in Peace Matt Patrick

We would like to take a moment to remember our dear friend Michael Ryan (Matt Patrick), and to offer his family our prayers and most sincere condolences.

Back in the 90s, when we had hit a rough patch as a business, Matt practically endorsed us on his WKDD morning show, for the price of a cheese tray.  Thus began a relationship that spanned over two decades.  We had the pleasure of going on a Caribbean cruise with he and his wife Paula in 2002, and he hosted our 50th anniversary celebration in 2008.   He even conducted his “Long Haul for Hunger” food drives in our parking lot. We may not have become the business we are today without his kind help.

Rest in peace Michael.  Thanks for everything.  You will be missed.

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One Response to Rest in Peace Matt Patrick

  1. josiemc67 says:

    Dear Rita, I will never forget the Long Haul Against Hunger food drives at Shisler’s! You and your customers and neighbors are so generous! Of course, we know most people came by to see Matt!
    Josie McElroy


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