We Now Have Sponge Candy and More Chocolate Delights!

Shisler’s Cheese House now has Sponge Candy! Among this decadent, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate treat, we have a wide assortment of new chocolates by Stefanelli’s Candies including chocolate covered potato chips, chocolate covered pretzels, milk chocolate bars with a caramel center and milk chocolate bars with roasted almonds. Be sure to stop by and pick some up today!

What is Sponge Candy?

Sponge candy is one of our incredible discoveries brought to us by a customer recommendation.  It’s made from sea-foam toffee covered in rich milk or dark chocolate that just melts in your mouth.  The premium variety of sponge candy has been made with love by Stefanelli’s Candies of Erie, PA since 1929 and we are proud to offer it to you once again! Be warned, though, as sponge candy is highly addictive!

Among our selection of irresistible Sponge Candy, we now carry a wide assortment of other chocolate goodies, including Chocolate Covered Potato Chips, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Almond Toffee Crunch and Milk Chocolate Bars with Caramel and Roasted Almond fillings.

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Stop by Shisler’s Cheese House today and bring some of these delightful treats to your home! Once you open a bag of Sponge Candy, the angels of heaven will sing as the prepare you for your best chocolate experience yet!

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