Lucerne Cheese – A Healthy Low Fat Option

Lucerne Cheese

Lucerne Cheese

Most of us are partial to cheese and enjoy choosing from over thousand different varieties. Cheese comes in a variety of different textures, flavors and aromas. If you are very fond of cheese and are health conscious, low fat varieties such as Lucerne cheese can add nutrition and flavor to our food through the year.

Cheese is categorized into varieties based on the methods used for production, type of milk used, local preference and taste. Cheese making is an art by itself and is as delicate as wine making. There are many health benefits of including low fat cheese in our daily diet.

Cheese enhances bone health and prevents osteoporosis. Cheese is also rich in calcium and offers all related benefits. For vegetarians, cheese provides ample protein. A cube of cheese contains around 5 to 7 grams of protein.

One of the most popular low fat cheeses used by dieters is Lucerne cheese. This cheese comes with small holes and is semi-soft and young. It is low in sodium and fat and comes in a mild, smooth and light flavor. If you are cautious about your sodium intake or if you are on a strict diet, this cheese is ideal for you.

The aging process during the making of Lucerne cheese and other low fat or normal cheese breaks down the milk sugar. It is therefore low in carbohydrates and ideal for diabetics. Low fat cheese is also ideal for those who are intolerant to lactose as it contains minimal or no lactose.

You can enjoy cheese in many ways. The best way to enjoy the goodness of Lucerne cheese is to grate it over soups and salads. If you wish to enjoy mouthwatering, delicious, cheese dripping sandwiches, add in a slice to your whole wheat vegetable sandwich.

Make steamed broccoli and melt Lucerne cheese over it to enjoy a delicious snack. This low fat cheese can also be had with fruits as appetizers. You can enjoy cubes of Lucerne cheese for a snack as you do not have to worry about the fat content.

Lucerne cheese comes with 17% fat calories, 38% protein calories and 45% carbohydrate calories. Add in a generous quantity of low fat cheese like Lucerne cheese in your diet and complement this with regular exercise and you are on your way to a healthy and fit lifestyle. You can find recipes for mouthwatering dishes using Lucerne cheese. Be sure to try them all.

In addition to Lucerne cheese, we also have other healthy cheeses including Farmer’s Cheese, Lacy Swiss, Lacy Baby Swiss, and several varieties of yogurt cheese.  Check out our skinny alternatives section for more healthy yet delicious alternatives.


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2 Responses to Lucerne Cheese – A Healthy Low Fat Option

  1. Amy Milano says:

    Lucerne is an awful tasting cheese that does not melt!!


  2. I’m sorry you don’t like it Amy. These are the occasional disadvantages of trying to eat more healthy. Good cheese is notoriously high in fat. I love the full cream cheeses most of all (havarti and Amish Butter cheese are my favorites), but eating them too often wreaks havoc on my waistline. I always thought Lucerne was the most flavorful of the low-fat cheeses. Maybe you would prefer Farmer’s cheese or lacy swiss?


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