Find the Perfect Gifts at Shisler’s Cheese House

Trying to find a gift for that person who has everything? Perhaps you’re heading to the family for the holidays and want to take them a gift to say thank you?

We know how tricky that can be, which is why we put together our gifts boxes. No-one can resist the joy of cheeses, jams, and charcuterie. Take along a bottle of wine and you’re sure to be invited back next year!

Read on to find out all about what’s inside two of our favorite gift boxes and how you can pair them with the perfect wines.


Our Amish Cheese and Goodies collection is a perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas.

You’ll find a 1Lb. Baby Swiss Wheel, a summer sausage link, a ¾ Lb. wheel each of Colby and Pepper Jack cheese, Shisler’s Private Label Mustard, home style Amish jam, Carr’s crackers, assorted chocolates and 6oz. REACH coffee.

Colby Cheese is very mild and creamy, so it pairs well with light, unoaked white wines such a Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay. For red wines, you also want to aim for something light such as a fruity pinot noir.

You might be thinking that it’s impossible to pair a wine with a spicy cheese like Pepper Jack, but you’ll be pleased to find that a rosé will have the sweetness and strawberry flavors to complement the cheese.


One of our other great gifts is the Troyer’s Trail Bologna and Cheese box.

Inside you will find a 1Lb. Troyer’s Trail Bologna ring, a ¾ Lb. wheel each of Colby and Farmer’s cheese and assorted chocolates.

With Farmer’s cheese, try a Riesling or a sweet dessert such as Muscat. The peach tones will sit perfectly with the mild creaminess of the cheese.

You can even find a wine to go with Bologna. We recommend a Malbec which is robust enough to sit alongside the smoky Troyer’s Trail Bologna.

For the sweet-toothed person, you can also find a wine to go with the chocolates. The general rule for this will always be to find a wine that is sweeter than the chocolate. Try dark chocolate with a Merlot and milk chocolate with Sauternes.


We all know someone who really loves cheese, and that’s why we created the Cheese Lover’s Gift Box. This contains a ¾ Lb. wheel each of Cheddar, Cojack, Farmer’s Cheese and Pepper Jack, along with some assorted chocolates. You can see our wine recommendations for Farmer’s Cheese and Pepper Jack above.

Cheddar is a versatile cheese so it stands up alongside lots of different wines. Some of our favorites are an oaky Chardonnay that will bring out the mellowness of the cheese or a vintage port for a real Christmas treat. If you’re presenting to this to someone who isn’t a wine lover, a hard cider or beer will go well with Cheddar.

Try Cojack with a Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz, as the slightly spicy, peppery notes of the wine will perfectly complement the mild cheese.

Don’t delay, order your gift boxes today!

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5 Ways to Eat Swiss Cheese


We are huge fans of Swiss cheese here at Shisler’s Cheese House. We have a whole range to keep you happy and today we’re giving you 5 ideas for ways to enjoy Swiss cheese.

The process of making Swiss cheese involves natural bacteria consuming the lactic acid in the cheese. This releases carbon dioxide gas, which slowly forms bubbles that become the recognizable holes in the cheese. These are often referred to as “eyes”. Our Amish swiss cheese, made in Northeastern Ohio, is especially flavorful because of the longer aging process that it undergoes, at a higher temperature than younger cheeses. This produces larger eyes, which is sometimes seen as an indicator for better flavor.

The milk used in our Swiss cheese does not have preservatives added, and is from cows that have never been given hormones or antibiotics. This creates a great taste and you know exactly what you are eating.

We also offer Baby Swiss, which substitutes water for the milk’s whey to slow the bacterial action. This creates smaller holes and a milder flavor. Lacy Swiss is another variety of Swiss cheese, made with low-fat milk. We even offer smoked Swiss cheese.

  1. On Crackers

Swiss cheese is well known for its nutty, bittersweet taste. This is perfect enjoyed on your favorite crackers. Add a couple of other cheese, some grapes, and relishes, and you’ve got a full cheeseboard.

  1. Paired with your favorite wine or beer

This is such a versatile cheese that you can easily find a beverage pairing for it. If you’re a fan of red wines, try a Merlot or Pinot Noir. For white wine lovers, try a Chardonnay or Riesling. Swiss cheese will also pair well with lager, pale ales, and Weiss beer.

  1. Cheese Fondue

Fondue is a decadent treat that’s perfect at the end of a cold day, or to share with friends and family. Simmer 10 fl. oz. white wine in a fondue pot, before adding 10 oz. each of Swiss and Gruyere cheese. Make sure everything is melted before stirring in 2 teaspoons flour. Season with salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Serve this with cubes of your favorite bread, chopped vegetables, and cured meats.


  1. Mac and Cheese

Add an extra punch of flavor to your favorite mac and cheese by grating in some Swiss cheese. You can even add it to breadcrumbs for an extra crunchy topping.

  1. On French Onion Soup

A firm favorite for warming you up, French onion soup is incomplete without a topping of Swiss cheese toast. Thinly slice small pieces of your favorite bread, add grated Swiss cheese and grill before serving with your soup.

If you love Swiss cheese as much as us, why not treat yourself this to our gift box this Christmas?  You’ll find a whole 4lb. Baby Swiss cheese, perfect to share with the whole family.

However you like to eat your Swiss cheese, you can find it all here at Shisler’s Cheese House!

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Spice Up Your Life with our Red-Hot Pepper Cheeses!

We know that lots of you are spice lovers. That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate this blog post to telling you all about our spiciest cheeses.


Scorpion Cheddar is our absolute hottest cheese. It has 1.2 million Scoville units of heat. A bell pepper has a Scoville rating of 0, with paprika reaching 1,000 and a jalapeno heading up towards 10,000. This should give you a sense of just how hot this cheese really is! This is one to take to a party and challenge your friends to take a bite.

Ghost Pepper Cheese is made from the Indian Bhut Jolokia pepper. It has a Scoville score of 855,000. This is a slow burner so be sure not to eat too much at once!

Smoked Habanero Cheddar is another of our hottest cheeses. It combines vintage aged cheddar, habaneros, and jalapenos. It’s great with dips and salsas as a snack or thrown into your favorite sandwich or burger. For that authentic smoky flavor, sprinkle it on your tacos.

Super Hot Pepper Cheese packs a spicy punch but won’t be as overwhelming a challenge as our Ghost Pepper or Scorpion cheese.  

Hot Pepper Cheese is perfect for adding just a hint of spice, whilst still enjoying a creamy cheese.

Smoked Hot Pepper Cheese takes our Hot Pepper Cheese and adds the delicious effects of curing slowly with real hickory wood. It combines spicy and smoky flavors. Try pairing this with a Chardonnay or Pinot Noir for extra taste exploration.


Smoked Horseradish Cheese is not strictly a chili cheese, but we still think that horseradish has a similar kick to it. Our is an American, semi-firm cheese infused with horseradish root. This is perfect served alongside prosciutto or thinly sliced smoked ham. You could even try mixing it into your mashed potatoes; brilliant with beef.

Yogurt Cheese with Jalapenos is a great choice if you’re looking for a spicy cheese with lower calories. Yogurt Cheese has a lower calorie and fat content compared to traditional cheese. It is made from the creamy white cheese left over when the liquid whey drains from fresh yogurt. It has a creamy, rich taste alongside the spicy, tangy jalapenos.


Hot Pepper Cheese Curds are fresh, young cheddar cheese in the natural, random shapes that form before the cheese is processed and aged. We found the finest cheese curds from upstate New York. Their flavor is mild and whilst they have the same firmness as cheese, they have a rubbery, ‘squeaky’ texture and are sometimes salty. You will sometimes find these deep-fried in batter or breadcrumbs. They are also used in poutine, a Canadian dished consisting of French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. Alongside our Hot Pepper Cheese Curds, we also offer Buffalo Wing Cheese Curds.

Serve your favorite spicy cheeses with some crackers and dips, and a good cold lager.

Have you taken on the challenge of Scorpion Cheddar? Let us know in the comments!

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The Scotch Collection – How to Pair Whisky with Cheese


Want to really wow your guests?

We know that you love to pair wine with our cheeses, and we’ve explored how you might try them with beer, but have you ever thought to pair cheese with scotch?

Read on to find out all about our Scotch Collection and why we think this should be the centerpiece of your next party!

You might not have thought to pair scotch with cheese, but rest assured that it’s a great choice. You’re going to be looking for bolder cheeses with a lot of flavors because these will stand up to the strong flavor of the whisky.


Danish Blue Cheese

Our Danish Blue Cheese has a moderate sharpness and a creamy flavor. Blue cheeses have penicillium cultures added, which create the blue veins that you will see running through the cheese. It is then aged in a temperature and moisture controlled environment like a cave. The unique flavors are best enjoyed at room temperature with fruit and crackers, alongside your scotch.



Gruyere is one of our favorite imported cheeses, originating in the Alpine region between Switzerland and France. It has a sweet, nutty flavor with a slight saltiness. It ages into an earthy, complex cheese. It’s great for baking and melting, as well as served with crackers. If you’re looking to serve something more substantial with your scotch, consider serving a quiche using gruyere, a fondue, or even a French onion soup topped with gruyere croutons.



Cheddar was first produced in England as early as 1170 and originated in the village of Cheddar in Somerset. It would be aged in the nearby caves of Cheddar Gorge. It has a sharp, pungent flavor with a firm, slightly crumbly texture. It’s versatile enough to be enjoyed with a huge variety of drinks, including Scotch.



Parmesan is an Italian cheese with a complex, sharp, and nutty flavor. It has a slightly grainy texture and works well with pasta, risotto, or soup when grated. You may not have included it in your cheese boards before, but you can be confident that it’s a great choice. Because of its strong flavor, it pairs extremely well with the strength and smokiness of a good whisky.

Choosing your whisky

To pair with this cheese collection, you are looking to get a scotch whisky, rather than a bourbon. If you have a favorite, then select that or one from the same region as you’re likely to find a similar flavor. If your friends are whisky connoisseurs too, why not ask them to bring a bottle and then you can compare flavors?


If you’re entertaining, this collection should serve up to 20 guests. If you have guests who do not drink whisky, grab some craft beers. The barley flavors of both drinks will work well with the cheeses from the Scotch Collection so no-one will be disappointed. You could also pick up some salty snacks such as nuts, hot mix or chips, and some dark chocolate as a sweet treat. These will pair well with the scotch and give you even more flavors to explore.

Now that you know all about the cheeses, don’t delay. Order our Scotch Collection today.

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Our Beer Collection – Try a More Unusual Cheese Pairing Today!


We know that lots of you love drinking wine with our cheeses. We’ve already shared some great pairing ideas for our Red Wine Collection and White Wine Collection. Today we’re going to share something a little more unusual; beers to pair with our Beer Collection!

When pairing beers with cheeses, follow the same principles as a wine pairing. You’re looking for beers that will complement the flavor of the cheese without overpowering it. This collection should serve around 20 guests. Read on to find out which cheeses are included and how you can pair them with beer for a really fun evening.



Our Brick cheese is an American original from Wisconsin. It’s a medium-soft cheese with an easy crumble. Whilst this cheese had a sweet, mild flavor when it is young, it matures into a strong, ripe cheese.

To complement these mature flavors, look for a bold, fruity pale ale. This will stand up to the ripe cheese in the same way that a Sauvignon Blanc might. For a younger cheese, consider a Weiss Beer.



Gouda is a yellow cow’s milk cheese with a wax coating. It undergoes a process known as “washing the curd” which creates a sweet cheese with a slightly crunchy saltiness.

All of this makes it a very versatile cheese for drinks pairings. You’ll also find it in our White Wine Collection for this reason. One great choice would be Helles. This is a German, pale, lager-style beer with a smooth flavor. Alternatively, a beer with caramel notes such as a malty IPA would work well.


Gruyere 012

Gruyere is a sweet and nutty cheese, which develops a salty earthiness as it is aged from five months to up to a year. This gives it its slightly grainy texture.

Gruyere will pair well with a number of beers but one of the more unusual choices would be a porter. This a dark style of hoppy beer with brown malt. It’s full-bodied, with a roasted flavor that will complement the nuttiness of this cheese. Add a fruity relish for even more flavor.

Ohio Premium Swiss Cheese


Our Ohio Premium Swiss is made in Pearl Valley through a time-honoured process that gives this cheese its distinctive holes and a nutty, bittersweet taste.

A Weiss beer is a great choice for Ohio Swiss as it adds creaminess and complements through the sweetness. This is a beer made with malted wheat in place of some of the usual barley. It produces a beer with low bitterness and some fruity qualities. You could also try Swiss Cheese with a pale ale or craft lager.

Other great cheeses to pair with beers are Limburger or Beer Cheese. We stock both of these cheeses but have chosen not to include them in the collection as they both have a strong smell that might be imparted to the other cheeses in the box. Why not pick them up separately for the ultimate cheese and beer tasting?

Try our Beer Collection today, bring together some friends and have some fun with a cheese and beer evening!

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White Wine Collection – Perfect Cheese Pairings for your Favorite Whites


We previously told you all about some of the best cheeses in our Red Wine Collection.

Today, we are going to take you through our White Wine Collection. We’ll show you all of the cheese and offer wine pairing ideas. This collection comes with ample cheeses to serve up to 20 guests. If you’re having a huge celebration this year, why not get both?

Amish Butter Cheese


This is one of our premium local, Ohio cheeses. Amish Butter Cheese is rich and creamy; it certainly lives up to the ‘butter’ in its name! This is a pale cow’s milk cheese with a similar flavor to Havarti. It is ideal for melting, as a snack cheese or as part of a cheeseboard.

An ideal pairing for such a smooth cheese is a glass of Chardonnay. The rich, golden wine with hints of vanilla will sit perfectly with your Amish Butter Cheese.

Wisconsin Brick Cheese


An American original, Wisconsin Brick Cheese is medium-soft, slightly sticky, and crumbles easily. It starts with a sweet, mild flavor, and matures into a strong, ripe cheese. The cheese curds are pressed with clay-fired bricks into a brick-shaped cheese, hence its name.

Try your Wisconsin Brick Cheese with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. This is a full, fruity wine with flavors of citrus, tropical fruits, and floral notes. This will add flavor when eating a young brick cheese, whilst standing up to the strength of an aged cheese. ­­



Gouda is a yellow cow’s milk cheese with a wax coating. It undergoes a process known as “washing the curd”. The milk is heated until the curd separates from the whey, some of the whey is drained, and water is added. This creates a sweeter cheese because of the removal of some of the lactic acid. Gouda originates in the Netherlands, and ours is imported from there, so you know you are getting an authentic cheese.

Gouda’s caramel sweetness, along with a slightly crunchy salt, make it a very versatile cheese for drinks pairings. For white wine pairings, you might find, like some of our other cheeses, that Chardonnay works well. However, if you want to try a variety of wines, then a Pinot Grigio pairs well with Gouda. This light, fruity wine won’t overpower the cheese but will enhance its honey tones.

Amish Country Swiss Cheese


Our Amish Swiss Cheese is made in Pearl Valley, Ohio and we truly believe that it’s the best. It has a nutty, bittersweet taste and the recognizable holes that we expect from Swiss cheese. These are created by natural bacteria used in the process of making the cheese. They consume the lactic acid in the cheese and release carbon dioxide gas which forms bubbles and creates the perfectly round holes.

For wine pairings, try going back to the cheese’s European roots with a Gewürztraminer. This is an aromatic wine that will complement the nuttiness of the cheese. Sometimes it has a little ‘spritz’ to it which gives it a lightness and makes it perfect for a celebration.

If you want to add some extra cheeses to your white wine pairing board, then GruyereParmesan, Mozzarella, and Provolone are all great options.

Pick up our White Wine Collection today!

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Happy Thanksgiving! 10% Off Brilliant Gift Boxes

We wanted to give a special gift to all of our customers this Thanksgiving. We are offering 10% off 6 of our wonderful gift boxes. Read on to find out all about each box and your coupon code.


Gift Box #1: Baby Swiss Cheese

Having the whole family around during the holiday season? Grab this gift box that contains a whole 4Lb. Baby Swiss Cheese Wheel. Our Baby Swiss is made in Charm Ohio, by the original producer Guggisberg Cheese. It is a young, semi-soft whole milk cheese with small holes and a mild flavor. It also comes with chocolates for those with a sweet tooth!


Gift Box #2: Troyer’s Trail Bologna and Cheese

In this gift box, you’ll receive a 1Lb. Troyer’s Trail Bologna Ring. This is a chunky, all-beef bologna with a smoky taste, created by the fourth generation of the Troyer family. Don’t be fooled by imitators. You’ll also find a 3/4Lb. wheel of Farmer’s cheese and a 3/4Lb. wheel of Colby cheese. Farmer’s Cheese is a mild, unripened white cheese made by adding rennet to cow’s milk. It’s a firm and crumbly cheese; the perfect accompaniment to smoked meats. The Colby cheese provides a lovely contrast, as it is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese with a mild and creamy taste.

Slice your bologna fairly thinly and serve with our cheese on the perfect platter. We always pop in some assorted chocolates for those after-dinner cravings.


Gift Box #3: Cheese Lover’s

As the name suggests, this really is a cheesy box! You’ll receive a 3/4Lb. wheel each of Cheddar, Cojack (Marble), Farmer’s Cheese and Pepper Jack.

Marble Cheese is made from both Colby and Monterey Jack cheese, which is why it is sometimes called “Cojack”. Pepper Jack is a cow’s milk cheese that has been given a spicy intensity through the use of jalapeno, serrano, and habanero peppers. Along with the classics Cheddar and Farmer’s Cheese, you’re sure to have the best cheese board in the neighborhood.

Just like our other boxes, you’ll find some assorted chocolates as well.


Gift Box #4: Amish Cheese and Goodies

This is the perfect box for a party, or to give to someone who really deserves a treat during this season. Inside you will find a 1Lb. Baby Swiss Cheese Wheel, 1 Summer Sausage Link, a 3/4Lb. wheel each of Colby and Pepper Jack cheese, Shisler’s Private Label Mustard, Home Style Amish Jam, Carr’s Crackers, Assorted Chocolates and 6oz. of REACH Coffee.

Summer Sausage can be kept without refrigeration, which is how it gained its name. Ours is smoked, rather than dried, with a tangy taste. It’s certainly too good to be kept for only the Summer season. We’re very proud of our Private Label Mustard and it’s an ideal pairing with our meats and cheeses.


Gift Box #5: Baby Swiss Cheese and Troyer’s Trail Bologna

A classic Amish Country combination. This box contains a 4Lb. Baby Swiss Cheese Wheel, a large Troyer’s Trail Bologna Ring, Shisler’s Private Label Mustard, Carr’s Crackers, Assorted Chocolates and 6oz. of REACH coffee.

REACH coffee is a specialty grade coffee from the region of Chanchamayo, Peru, which is then roasted in Cleveland, Ohio. Perfect for those after dinner pick-me-ups.


Gift Box #6: Amish Country Sampler Gift Box

This box is the King of gift boxes. You’ll need help to carry this one! It contains a Large Troyer’s Trail Bologna Ring, a box of Heggy’s Chocolates, Home Style Amish Jam, Shisler’s Private Label Hot Jalapeno Mustard, a 3/4Lb. wheel each of Cheddar, Cojack (Marble), Farmer’s Cheese and Pepper Jack, a Baby Swiss Cheese Wedge, a Summer Sausage Link, Townhouse Crackers and 6oz. of REACH Coffee.

We are proud to include Heggy’s Chocolates in our boxes. They match our tradition of excellence in hand-crafted chocolates, and we know you’ll be excited to open the box and see what’s inside.

Your 10% discount

We know that there is a lot to choose from here, but you will love our gift boxes regardless of which you choose! If you’re shopping for loved ones, why not pick up a few. From Thanksgiving (November 23rd) through to Cyber Monday (November 27th) you’ll receive 10% off gift boxes 1 – 6 by using code BLOG17.

Let us know which is your favorite in the comments, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Thanksgiving at Shisler’s Cheese House – We Have Everything You Need!

The Holiday season is finally upon us!

Whether you’re having a quiet get together or filling the house with family and friends, we have the perfect accompaniments to all of the festivities. Check out our list below to make sure that you’re not missing out on anything, from the best cheeses to the perfect wine pairing for your turkey.


The Thanksgiving Menu Collection

Want to pick up everything you need for a fabulous Thanksgiving in one box? Grab our Thanksgiving Menu Collection. This contains a Troyer’s Trail Bologna Ring, Cheddar Cheese, Cranberry Delight Mix, Shisler’s Private Label Apple Butter, Pumpkin Muffin Mix and Uncle Ozgood’s Popcorn on the Cob. This will contain enough to feed 8 people. If you’re having a larger party, or want to try more treats, pick up another of our gift boxes. We love our Red Wine and White Wine Collections for all of you cheese lovers, but our Amish Country Sampler Gift Box is also the perfect addition to a party.

Read on to find out which wines we recommend for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Really treat your loved ones

We know that you’re going to want only the best this holiday season. That’s why we’ve put together our Gourmet Foods section. Here you can find the best nuts, syrups, mustards, and snacks, that are sure to make your party a roaring success.


Sweet moments

If you haven’t completely overindulged at dinner, one of the great pleasures of the holiday season is sharing a sweet treat and hunkering down to watch one of your favorite holiday movies. Head to our Chocolate section to find your favorites. We love Heggy’s Milk Chocolate Coated Marshmallows, Yogurt Pretzels and our Amish country grown White Chocolate Popcorn, but there is plenty to choose from. Find whatever takes your fancy!

Skinny Alternatives

If you’re concerned about your waistline this Thanksgiving, check out our Skinny Alternatives section. This is full of healthier cheeses, sugar-free chocolates, and calorie-free treats. You can still have all the fun of the season without the calories!

Which wines?

Don’t forget to pick up some wine to go with the cheeses and the rest of your meal. If you’re having turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner, we have a few favorites that will work well.

A Garnacha is a wonderful, cost-effective, choice with plenty of red fruit flavors. These will complement the turkey and gravy, almost as a cranberry sauce does.

Pinot Noir is also a great pick for poultry. It’s a light red wine that still has a fantastic elegance for a party.

If you are a fan of white wines, a full-bodied Chardonnay would be a wonderful selection. The oaky sweetness alongside the cream lactic acid of this wine makes it a bottle that won’t overpower your turkey but will make it sing.

We hope that our list will help you to make great choices for Thanksgiving this week.

All that’s left to say is Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Shisler’s Cheese House!

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The Benefits of Eating Clover Honey

Tonn's Comb Honey

Are you a fan of honey on your toast in the mornings? Or perhaps you like it drizzled over goat’s cheese? However you like to eat your honey, you might not have yet explored the world of clover honey. Read on to find out all about clover honey, our recipe ideas, the health benefits to be found when eating it, and the honey we have on offer.

What is Clover Honey?

Clover honey is derived from the nectar of the clover plant, collected by honey bees. You can spot it because it will be light colored and very mild. The clarity of the honey will show you its purity; the best honey should be as clear as possible.

How Should I Eat It?

Clover honey is an incredibly versatile ingredient. Below are just some of the ways you might want to use it in the kitchen.

  • Try swapping honey for sugar when baking. As a general rule, for every 1 cup of sugar, substitute ½ to 2/3 cup of honey. You should also reduce the liquid in the recipe by ¼ cup and add ½ teaspoon of baking soda for each cup of honey used. Reduce the temperature of your oven by 25°F, as honey will become crisp and brown faster than sugar.
  • Sweeten your tea with honey and enjoy a sweeter taste with lower calories.
  • Drizzle clover honey over granola for a sweeter breakfast.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of clover honey, the zest of 1 orange and 2 cloves of garlic. Brush onto a cooked rack of lamb for a slightly floral twist.
  • Make a pure honey and mustard dressing for your favourite salad.
  • Add clover honey to yoghurt for a delicious breakfast or dessert.
  • Spread on toast or a bagel.
  • Serve clover honey alongside a cheeseboard at your next dinner party. Check out some of our favourite cheese collections here.
  • Pour a little honey over your favourite popcorn for a stick treat.
  • Add clover honey to your next stir fry along with soy sauce and a chilli kick.

What Are the Benefits?

Fat-free and cholesterol free, clover honey has been found to contain vitamins and minerals that can reduce the risk of illness.  Honey is 25% sweeter than table sugar, whilst being an all-natural sweetener. It is a source of flavonoids, which may reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease. It’s also the only food that contains the antioxidant pinocembrin, which has been linked to improved brain function. This isn’t just clover honey, it’s clever honey!

12 Oz. Tonn's Honey Bear

Where Can I Buy It?

Right here at Shisler’s Cheese House!

We carry two types of pure clover honey. Tonn’s Pure Clover Honey is a very versatile honey that can be used in baking, cooking, and at the table. If you are looking for honey straight from the hive to your table, you will find it in Tonn’s Pure Clover Honey Comb. The raw honey found inside is brimming with health benefits and will make a stunning centrepiece for a celebration breakfast.

Pick up some pure clover honey today and try it out in your favorite recipes.

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Red Wine Collection – The Best Cheeses to Pair with Your Favorite Red

Red Wine Collection 036

Looking to celebrate with your loved ones this holiday season?

One of our favorite additions to a Thanksgiving or Christmas party is our Red Wine Collection. We’ve chosen a great selection of cheeses, perfect for pairing with red wines. This collection will serve up to 20 guests, so it’s perfect for those celebratory moments.

Read on to find out all about the cheeses included and the wines that will make them shine!



asiago 015

Asiago is an Italian sister of Parmesan cheese. It is aged anywhere from three months up to a year and will vary from semi-firm to firm. Its taste is similar to Parmesan, although its texture is less crystallized. It is delicious eaten with crackers and fruits, such as figs, pears, and plums.


Cabernet Sauvignon is flavor red wine choice to accompany your Asiago. The tanginess and salty, buttery qualities of the cheese will cut through the dark fruit, tannins, and spice of the wine. Alternatively, a Merlot can be an excellent choice.


Danish Blue Cheese

Danish Blue Cheese 006

Blue cheeses are made with Penicillium cultures which create the blue veins this cheese is known for. They are aged in a temperature and moisture controlled environment to replicate a cave. Danish Blue is moderate in sharpness with a creamy finish.


Because of its depth of savory flavor, you will need to look for a sweet wine that works alongside the richness. flavor examples include a Port or Sauternes if serving cheese after dinner. For blue cheese based appetizers or entrées, a robust red such as a Shiraz or Syrah will work wonders.



Gruyere 012

Gruyere is a sweet and nutty cheese, which develops a salty earthiness as it ages. Originating in Switzerland, it is often used as the basis for a fondue. It is aged from five months up to a year, giving it a compact and slightly grainy texture.


Grenache or Syrah work well with Gruyere as they are not too rich and will allow the cheese to be the star of the show. For something a little more unusual, try a Cinsault. All of these fruity reds will blend with the sweetness of the cheese to create an exceptional flavor profile.


Romano Pecorino

Romano 002

Another Italian imported cheese, Romano Pecorino boasts a firm texture with a fantastic saltiness. Made from sheep’s milk, it has a very distinctive flavor that is an asset to any cheese board. The cheese is pressed with a weight to remove all of the whey and then covered with salt. This imparts the incredible flavour that the cheese carries.


For a full Italian flavour, pair this cheese with a Chianti. This is a dry red wine with high acidity and plenty of fresh berries perfect for the salty flavor of this cheese.


To make this a really fun celebration we suggest picking up our Red Wine Collection, inviting friends and family over, and encouraging each of them to bring a bottle!

If you are looking to add some extra cheeses to your red wine pairing board then Brick, Parmesan, Cheddar, Havarti and Ohio Premium Swiss are all good options.

What are you waiting for? Try our Red Wine Collection today!

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